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This blog is a precursor to a survey that has gone out on social media. A few years ago, when I was running Music Therapy sessions out of my home, I had a small group of kids I worked with as a group.  The mothers of these children sat at my kitchen table together as I worked with the children. The ultimate result of that time was that, as therapy went on in my music room, parent support and networking were going on at the other end of the house.

The takeaway from this experience was that the parents provided for one another, something that I could not replicate, nor replace. They provided for one another, something we all need, and something rare for one another. They provided shared struggles, shared experiences, support, direction, and a shoulder for one another. They were heard and supported by others who had similar struggles, that most of the general public may not have. They were able to tell one another about where to find the best resources for their situations. They bestowed the safe and confidential space for one another, and I believe, left one another with replenished energy, for the next week.

Although I truly believe in what I do, I also believe that what these parents did for one another was irreplaceable and so needed. The kids were all about early elementary age then, and are now teens. These families, both parents, and kids, do not see one another regularly, but the safe, familiarity, and comradery that they shared years ago, is instantly present when they do meet.

I have watched many parents walk through my waiting room, I have listened to and witnessed the isolation, the misunderstanding, and the exhaustion many special needs parents face. It has been on my heart for a long time, to be able to provide a space for parents, like this again.

I have seen that there have been many attempts by other organizations to do so also. What I have heard that tends to inhibit these efforts from happening is time and conditions (baby sitters, health, etc). My thought is, that in this time of isolation, unpredictability, and zoom, that I may be able to facilitate something similar, where the mute button can be turned on if the timing isn’t convenient, or child care are not available. So If you are interested, head over to Back Mountain Music Therapy’s  Facebook, page to fill out the interest survey. Or send me a comment or an email, letting me know you are interested. We will soon be collecting addresses to begin this meeting time. My hope is that I can present a space for parents who need to be heard by others who have similar footprints.

Antoinette Morrison

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