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    Why “Music” Therapy?

    What is Music Therapy anyway? I know you go to physical therapy to help your weak muscles and joints. I know you go to speech therapy to work with language. But what is “Music” Therapy for? While working with a particular individual this week, I realized the importance of being “musical” in the way we communicate.  That is not to say “musically trained” but rather, emotionally responsive, aesthetic, and our humanity when we share. If that seems confusing, let’s consider this; that only 7% of our communication involves language. The other 93% has to do with emotion portrayed through our body and voice. This is the means by which we…

  • Good News

    Regression, Information or Opportunity?

      The 20-21 pandemic has brought a great degree of discomfort to many. The illness itself has had catastrophic effects on some. The “quarantine” has had an effect on us all. The length of this has increased its volume.  The volume, combined with the change in routine has, worn and stressed many. The positives, tend to be overlooked. The limits of the current time, however, has slowed us up. For many, the fast pace, we had priorly been traveling, had become, almost addictive, without our recognition. A way to escape. We have fooled ourselves into feeling productive. But, instead, could we be leaving some very important work undone? We tend…

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