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Back Mountain Music Therapy on Pa Live, Segment 3

Segment 3 from PA Live, right here are Back Mountain Music Therapy! In this segment, we talk about what session look like, utilizing the DIR floortime model blueprint and guardian’s ability to veiw the sessions. Let us know what you think! We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Back Mountain Music Therapy, on Pa Live! Segment 1

I am finally getting around to sending out the PA live segments that Back Mountain Music Therapy did in the fall of 21. During Pandemic, we got busy online talking about various needs and how we can serve those here with our bottom up, developmental appraoch to health. Thanks to all our followers, we retained… Read more »

DIRFloortime Segment for Parents

Since the BMMT assesment and treatment, comes from the DIRFloortime appraoch, I am supplying a video for Parents by Dr. John Carpent on this manner of working.  There are 9 stages. In  our work with children, we tyoiclaly need to address the first 5. which are basically  However, here at BMMT, we extend beyond children… Read more »

Parent Support Zoom Group…First Monday of the Month

This is a monthly support group for parents who have children teens, adult children with special needs of any kind. As the parents at the first meeting siad, “It takes a village.” Parents will be discussing issues like Guardianship No cost Diapers IEP’s Potty Training Aloneness Tantrums Respite help Diet/Eating Communicating Needs Safety /Safety locks/Dealing… Read more »

Parent Support Zoom Group

Many years ago, in working with a group of parents and their children, it became apparent the support and direction, parents with special needs can fill for one another.  Parents with children on Many parents with children, of any age with special needs, face very different struggles and dilemmas that their peers with neuro-typical children… Read more »