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    Why “Music” Therapy?

    What is Music Therapy anyway? I know you go to physical therapy to help your weak muscles and joints. I know you go to speech therapy to work with language. But what is “Music” Therapy for? While working with a particular individual this week, I realized the importance of being “musical” in the way we communicate.  That is not to say “musically trained” but rather, emotionally responsive, aesthetic, and our humanity when we share. If that seems confusing, let’s consider this; that only 7% of our communication involves language. The other 93% has to do with emotion portrayed through our body and voice. This is the means by which we…

  • Good News

    Things Nobody Tells You About Using “Food” as a Motivator

    Back Mountain Music Therapy began working with a boy who was absolutely developmentally stuck. It had been reported to the mother that the client was making gains in “flashcard” academic learning (thinking). We estimated that this was highly unlikely. We had mentioned that our thought was that there was a possible “food” motivator. The food motivator ensured that the professionals had obtained the required data. This resulted in the mother replying “Yes, that is the program on his education plan!” External motivators redirect the learning. What exactly are the kids really learning? The reward did convey a message. I am pretty confident that I could get my dog to “identify”…

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