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Mail/Address: 270 Pierce St, Suite 206 Kingston, PA 18704


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  • Brent Evans

    My daughter is a senior in High School and is taking a very serious look at Music Therapy for a career. She begins college next fall. I’m open to any suggestions from the group. thanks so much, Brent

  • Dylan Thomas

    I am a junior at Dallas High School, and I’m looking into going to college for music therapy and would like to learn more about it!

    • Antoinette

      If you would like to have an more in-dpth conversation about Music Therapy, you can contact Marywood University, or call me at 570-574-1707 and I would be very willing to answer any questions you may have.

  • Dylan Thomas

    I am a senior in Dallas High School, and I am interested in going to college for music therapy. I am wondering if there was any possibility I could sit in on a typical music therapist’s day. I would love to ask a couple questions and see the career in person.

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