Attention and Focus Issues Camp

Back Mountain Musi Therapy has recently been seeing children with attention and focus issues. So this summer we are going to run the first summer series of small group camps for children that have difficulty attending age appropriately.

Back Mountain Music Therapy will be running small “attention and focus issues” groups. These groups will run for 45 minutes, weekly from 9-4 on Mondays. The group size will be limited to 3 individuals per group.

The “Attention and Focus Issues” therapy groups will be for children 3-7 years of age. Each group will be a music therapy playgroup. The groups will begin the process to help children with attention and focus issues to begin making the sensory connections that often impede the ability to sustain focus age appropriately. The total cost per child will be $100. Payment will be accepted on or before the first day of camp. The groups will begin on Monday, June 21, followed by June 28, July 5, July 12 and July 26. Group times will be scheduled after receiving applications. For application,  go to or You may also call the clinic at 570-574-1707.



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