• Emily Valda Lennie

    I am 91 now, and enjoy your music therapy work fully. I play Clavinova for weekly sessions of OLD songs at two Baptcare facilities in Melbourne. Australia, where musical memory from childhood is evident for my peer group friends. Dementia patients remember harmony from their choral days, and we have some rounds working now. row, row. Row your boats etc. Given word sheets, new songs ar being learnt as well. We all have a happy time, and this is great ,usiic therapy for me also. it keeps my arthritic fingers happy and busy.

    I have been an admirer of your work and your website for many years. You are a guide and inspiration. Thankyou.

    E.Valda Lennie OAM

    • Antoinette

      Thank you so much! YOu have been a faithful reader of my blog from the start. You were reading when I was goin gback into my profession, doing contract work for schools. Now, I run the Music Therapy clinic at Marywood University and have my own private clinic. Music Therapy is still not funded here and neither is DIR Floortime, which the scope through which my MT practice works. Everything here is ABA. However, I get parents, and caregivers who are looking for something different. So they are committed to the therapy for their loved ones. Which makes my work rewarding, because it is valured and consistent. You have been reading a long time. When I started, my 3 kids were in high school and junior high. Now all 3 have graduated and moved on in life. That is a long time to read. Thank you so much for your persitence and support!

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