Following the Client’s Lead, Day 2

Following the Client’s lead is listening to their interests. These are the conditions that make them feel safe and secure. It means listening to where they are in their development and then supporting where they are at while also responding to them in order to give the client opportunities for growth. This happens best through play. It is not a detailed, bullet point structure. In following the Client’s lead we are looking to see what interests them, so we can join them where they are at, then set opportunities to build thinking and relating abilities. This requires the client to do their own thinking. We are not looking for them to give a prescribed answer. Through intrinsically motivated play (which can look different depending on the individual’s developmental age). In back and forth play, kids relate, socialize, think, and problem solve creatively. These are the life long skills, every individual will need in order to navigate a meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life.This sets the conditions for an individual to live purposeful, meaningful, life. If you would like to hear more or conversate with us, sign up for our email. We look forward to serving you!

Antoinette and team.

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