The mission of Back Mountain Music Therapy, The Heyward Rooms is to provide clinical, quality Music Therapy services to people with divergent needs. The purpose is to gently, yet deliberately use music, a non-pharmaceutical, developmental approach as a leading-edge treatment modality. Back Mountain Music Therapy makes every effort to raise public understanding and integrity of Music Therapy as a fundamental and exceptional treatment medium.

BMMT, The Heyward Rooms Philosophy

BMMT, The Heyward Rooms utilizes evidence-based musical-relational play that encourages basic core social-emotional milestones, the building blocks of more complex levels of thought processes. The Heyward Rooms assess individual and developmental differences, motivating affective responses to encourage and advance abilities to regulate, attend, engage, relate, think, and communicate in musical-relational play.

Antoinette's music room

Assess neurodevelopmental disorders and emotional regulatory issues. Our criterion referenced assessments are based on musical interaction, cognition, perception, communication, and responsiveness in the here and now musical play.

Goal Development Organized within the Context of the Musical Relationship

Goals pertain to self-regulation, attention, affect, adaption, engagement, and relatedness for individuals or small groups.

Interactive Musical Play Dialogue

Clients utilize their choice of instruments, requiring no prior skill or experience, while the Music Therapist matches, supports, and engages the client to co-develop musical themes that form the basis for the musical relationship and work. Goals are developed within the musical themes, tapping into the unique musical intelligence of each client, areas rarely acknowledged or recognized in other more traditional therapies or educational modalities.

Back Mountain Music Therapy, They Heyward Rooms provides, in addition to the individual and small group sessions, contracts work within some of the local schools and agencies, utilizing a small team of certified Music Therapists.