Back Mountain Music Therapy

Do you have a loved one or student with ADHD, or other attention and focus isues, Brain injury, Irreversable Neurodegenerative brain diseases, Language or Communication Delays, other types of Developmental Disabilities, Neurological challenges, behavioral or emotional challenges? Are you seeking services for things such as Autism, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, Trauma-related issues, or Sensory Processing issues that makes everyday life a litte more work?

Back Mountain Music Therapy is a DIR-Floortime acreditted organazation. The American Medical Association (AMA), has adopted a resolution (Resolution 706), entittled “Revision of H-185.921”, Removal of AMA support for Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy ( [AMA], 2023, pp. 1179-1182). The new policy includes all evidenced based therapies including DIR Floor time .

Back Mountain Music Therapy is a client-led, Developmental-Relationship based Therapy, that cultivates attention, self-regulation, engagement, and communication through relating in a safe, predictable environment. We are a DIR-Floortime accreditted organization.

While simultaneously considering each individuals preferences and differences, BMMT administers an evidenced-based assessment, through musical play, which drives musical, relational experiences to aid in further developing core emotional milestones necessary for expanding higher levels of thought in order to help clients increase their abilities to relax, regulate, engage, express, communicate and relate

Music Therapy provides a form of expression and an avenue to develop areas that traditional therapies or learning may not provide for either individuals or families facing the following difficulties:

  • Autism
  • Smith-Magenis Syndrome
  • Rubenstein Taybi-Syndrome
  • Sensory processing issues
  • ADHD, ADD and focus and attention issues
  • Irreversible Neurodegenerative brain diseases, such as dementia and more
  • Language and communication delay
  • Attention and focus issues
  • Other developmental/neurological issues
  • Trauma-related symptoms
  • Behavioral or emotional challenges
  • Anxiety and impulsive behavior
  • Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury Symptoms

Antoinette Morrison certified Music Therapist, and owner of Back Mountain Music Therapy: The Heyward Rooms, uses Music Therapy to develop and strengthen these areas of need in children and adults.

Parents, caretakers, and health professionals can seek treatment for those under their care through Back Mountain Music Therapy: The Heyward Rooms. Therapy treatment plans are individually tailored for each client’s area of need and developed using the client’s existing strengths.

The Heyward Rooms Music Therapy Center focuses on both relationship and developmental models to assess and understand client strengths and weaknesses to assist clients to organize sensory inputs, regulate or express emotional responses, develop the ability to share attention, and more. This approach creates an outlet for positive expression in which the client can make connections that traditional therapy or other learning types have made difficult.

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Lastly, BMMT hosts a free parent support zoom group monthly. See our side bar for the link. It is not necessary to be a patron of BMMT to utilize this link.