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Do you have a loved one or student with Autism, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, Trauma-related issues, Sensory Processing Disorders, ADHD, ADD or other attention and focus isues, Brain injury,Irreversable  Neurodegenerative brain diseases, Language or Communication Delays, other types of Developmental Disabilities, Neurological challenges, behavioral or emotional challenges?

Learn about Music Therapy in Kingston, PA.
Antoinette Morrison, MT-BC


Back Mountain Music Therapy is a client-led, Developmental-Relationship based Therapy, that cultivates attention, self-regulation, engagement, and communication through relating in a safe, predictable environment.

While simultaneously considering each individuals preferences and differences, BMMT administers an evidenced-based assessment, through musical play, which drives musical, relational experiences to aid in further developing core emotional milestones necessary for expanding higher levels of thought in order to help clients increase their abilities to relax, regulate, engage, express, communicate and relate

Music Therapy provides a form of expression and an avenue to develop areas that traditional therapies or learning may not provide for either individuals or families facing the following difficulties:


Smith-Magenis Syndrome

Rubenstein Taybi-Syndrome

Sensory processing issues

ADHD, ADD and focus and attention issues

Irreversible Neurodegenerative brain diseases, such as dementia and more

Language and communication delay

Attention and focus issues

Other developmental/neurological issues

Trauma-related symptoms

Behavioral or emotional challenges

Anxiety and impulsive behavior

     Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury Symptoms

Antoinette Morrison certified Music Therapist, and owner of Back Mountain Music Therapy: The Heyward Rooms, uses Music Therapy to develop and strengthen these areas of need in children and adults.

Parents, caretakers, and health professionals can seek treatment for those under their care through Back Mountain Music Therapy: The Heyward Rooms. Therapy treatment plans are individually tailored for each client’s area of need and developed using the client’s existing strengths.

The Heyward Rooms Music Therapy Center focuses on both relationship and developmental models to assess and understand client strengths and weaknesses to assist clients to organize sensory inputs, regulate or express emotional responses, develop the ability to share attention, and more. This approach creates an outlet for positive expression in which the client can make connections that traditional therapy or other learning types have made difficult.

If you are seeking a Music Therapist in Luzerne, Lackawanna, and extending counties in PA, contact us today. Sign up for our newsletter to get a weekly digest email or contact us to learn more about Music Therapy in Kingston and the surrounding areas.

Lastly, BMMT hosts a free parent support zoom group monthly. See our side bar for the link. It is not necessaryto be a patron of BMMT to utilize this link.



    • Antoinette

      Wonderful Melissa! Either give us a call at 570-574-1707 or fill out the form on my facebook page or the website. We look forward to working with you!!


    • Antoinette

      Melissa, if you are interested in the parent support group, you can send me an email and I will make sure you get sent the link monthly, OR you can go to my website or Facebook page the first Monday of the month to find the link. If you are interested in the focus groups, you can give us a call at 570-574-1707

  • Heather Feher

    I am looking for a summer camp for my nephew. He is diagnosed ADHD and ODD. I believe there is a touch of autism as well. He has suffered some trauma, as he was taken from his home, and placed in foster care for a few months prior to coming to live with me. His therapist at Children’s Service Center referred me here. I have filled out the Google form. Thank you in advance for your response. (I will be out of the country next week, so may not get response/be able to respond.)

    • Antoinette

      I am awaiting the completeion of the forms so I will know the ages of the kids that sign up and the number of them. I will be giving everyone a call on Tuesday the 15th for the specific times (which will then be a bit adjustable if families have schedules that do not allow) Groups will run for 45 minutes. I look very forward to working with your nephew.

  • Julie

    I have a rising high school senior who is trying to figure out what to do with her life. She is a singer and interested in music. She is exploring different options. Is there a possibility she could shadow/observe a day at this camp to see if it is a field of interest?

    • Antoinette

      Julie, my apologies, I had answered this a bit ago, but must not have pressed send. I have to have parent permission and have kept these groups very small for safety in these times. However I do have video on this work with pre-approved parent permission if she would like to come and talk. Have her give me a call at 570-574-1707

  • Wendy Holbrook

    Hi my son has some focus and learning troubles with comprehension and just remembering what he learns . I found your company from a friend on Facebook. The group zoom for focusing is it age appropriate for teens? Thank you

    • Antoinette

      Wendy, I have a zoom support group for parents, but the focus groups are in person. The groups are very small and have begun already. However, the purpose of the groups was to let parents see what is possible for these kids. The real work gets done on an individual basis. If you would like more information, please feel free to give me a call at 570-573-1707

    • Antoinette

      I’m not sure you saw my previous reply, I’m not seeing it published. The groups were for ages 3-7. However the real work gets done on an individual basis. If you were interested in that, we can set you up. Just give us a call at 570-574-1707

  • Holly Woodring

    Hi. I have 2 children with autism. My daughter is 13 and has trouble with anxiety and self regulation. My son is 11 and is non verbal and has trouble with focusing and self regulation as well. I was interested to see what programs might be available for them and also the cost. Thank you for your time. Holly Woodring.

    • Antoinette

      Hi Holly,
      I would love to talk with you about your children. I think a conversation would be best, even if you do not decide this is what you are looking for, the information I can give you will be tailored exactly to what your seeking to find out about what it is we do here. Please give me a call at 570-574-1707 and that way, I can answer specifically, any questions you have.


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