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About Us

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Mission:  The mission of Back Mountain Music Therapy is to provide quality clinical Music Therapy services to people with divergent needs.  The purpose is to gently, yet deliberately, use music as a leading-edge treatment modality.  Back Mountain Music Therapy makes every effort to raise public understanding and integrity of Music Therapy as a fundamental and exceptional treatment medium.


Individual Services: Individual Music Therapy sessions are provided to both private clients and clients in schools, agencies, and treatment centers.  Sessions address the greatest therapeutic needs based off of an initial Music Therapy assessment targeting an individual’s motor, sensory, communicative, cognitive, or social/emotional development. Session duration is approximately 30 minutes.

Group Services: Group Music Therapy sessions accommodate schools and agencies that provide services to multiple clients with related needs and goals.

Assessments: Assessments are essential ingredients of the therapeutic process, used to determine the strengths and needs of the individuals. Assessments are typically the initial step in the Music Therapy session, following review of client history and current functioning through client records or family/staff interviews.

Co-Treatment:  Back Mountain Music Therapy appreciates the benefits of co-treating with other therapists and treatment mediums.  This involves consultation, collaboration, or support of treatment sessions with related therapies (Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or behavioral support specialists). This treats the whole child and increases the quality of the therapeutic process.

In-services/Workshops: Back Mountain Music Therapy can provide informative workshops about Music Therapy and can be customized to the benefits of specific populations.

Owner: Hello, I am Antoinette Morrison, a Board Certified Music Therapist.  I have been a Board Certified Music Therapist since 1990.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Mansfield University.  From there I trained in Nordoff-Robbins improvisational methods of Creative Music Therapy at Newark Developmental Center in Newark, New York.  In this method of Music Therapy, through the use of composed and improvised music with specially adapted and designed instruments, the therapist attempts to meet each client “where he or she is.”   The therapist is trained to interpret the client’s behaviors and affect musically.  The therapist then proceeds to return a musical portrait back to the client, meeting his or her responses and needs.  This method of Music Therapy draws on the psychological theories of Abraham Maslow.  The therapist therefore is trained to attempt to communicate encouragement, acceptance, and a sense of safety, cultivating a therapeutic relationship and environment that is growth-acclimated. An effective process of intercommunication results in accepting the reciprocity between client and therapist. Most of my work and trainings have included areas such as autism, various developmental difficulties, emotional and behavioral issues, often connected to trauma. I am currently also theMusic Therapy clinic supervisor at Marywood University.  .

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