Following the Client’s Lead, Day 4

Back Mountain Music Therapy main purpose in following the client’s lead with comunication is to support the client”s ability to assert their own agency. We feel that, rather than being told what to focus on following the clients lead adjusts the therapy to client’s level, for the purpose of social interaction and communication. Instead of “teaching” language that is void of relational context, Back Mountain Music Therapy adjusts to the individual’s topic for relating and their level of relating, then builds on the interaction from there. The therapists at BMMT look for client intent (represented in their affect, gestures, facial expressions, and/or tone) verses asking the client to learn individual words. BMMT therapists work to continue the cycles of communication, builiding the motor planning and praxis needed prior to the execution of language.

In the video, the therapist refers to what they need from the client, in order to further the relational interaction. Without deep, meaningful relationship, language and communiction are void of personal agency.

Following the client’s lead, in this manner is listening to what the client is trying to convey, or following their interest AND their level of development. Telling a client to say ” I want, thankyou, goodbye, please” satisfies a societal norm that has no validity nor personal intent, and seems like a robotic response. The purpose of communication is to further a peron’s ability to relate in a deeper manner.

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