Gift Cards Available Now!

Do you have family or friends that are hard to buy for but really benefit from Music Therapy? Or, do you have someone you think may benefit from Music Therapy who does not yet receive it?  We have plastic gift cards at our clinic and e-gift cards available here!

Working with Anger

  What is anger all about and how do you work with it? Back Mountain Music Therapy talks about working with and through anger. BMMT discusses helping clients find their true voice.

Things Nobody Tells You About Using “Food” as a Motivator

Back Mountain Music Therapy began working with a boy who was absolutely developmentally stuck. It had been reported to the mother that the client was making gains in “flashcard” academic learning (thinking). We estimated that this was highly unlikely. We had mentioned that our thought was that there was a possible “food” motivator. The food… Read more »

What No One Tells you about Teens Making Music

Even the typically developing teens with whom I have worked demonstrated they’re very best through music-making play. Their up and down turbulence took a detour but stayed on a path with direction. These teens did so freely and together. When the boys were done, they felt confident and were able to recognize their own accomplishments… Read more »

Developmental-Relational Music Therapy and Self Regulation

This video is about an 8-year-old client with ASD. We describe how working within a Developmental, Relational model of Music Therapy, this child was able to self regulate and self-initiate using the toilet for bowel movements. BMMT emphasizes that this was not a goal for BMMT, but rather a result of working in this manner…. Read more »

Trust, Respect Resistance, But Persist Towards Growth – Part IV

 Resistance, Growth, Persistence, Persist Towards Growth We know that resistance can look like negative behavior sometimes if we don’t look deep enough at the why. We also know that repetitive behavior is remaining stuck. So how do we respect this, yet persist towards growth? We have already spoken about building trust and what that may… Read more »


Nothing can be as effective as in-person Music Therapy Services. However, COVID is Hanging on and people are needing relief and services now, more than ever. Back Mountain Music Therapy did not jump into telehealth easily or quickly. We are seeing the need for some adaptions. Back Mountain Music Therapy has taken this time to… Read more »

Trust, Respect Resistance, But Persist Towards Growth – Part III

Experience and Respect Resistance, But Persist Towards Growth This is the focus today, Experiencing and Respecting Resistance, yet Persisting towards Growth. Before working with resistance, trust needs to be firmly established(see prior blog post: . Back Mountain Music Therapy invests time and effort into establishing trust, the foundation of the relationship. A display of… Read more »