Trust, Respect Resistance, But Persist Towards Growth – Part III

Experience and Respect Resistance, But Persist Towards Growth This is the focus today, Experiencing and Respecting Resistance, yet Persisting towards Growth. Before working with resistance, trust needs to be firmly established(see prior blog post: . Back Mountain Music Therapy invests time and effort into establishing trust, the foundation of the relationship. A display of… Read more »

BMMT Collaborator Vlog, Part 4

Jessica Dunleavy has subcontracted in the Lackawanna County Schools for Back Mountain Music Therapy for several years. Jessica received her Music Therapy degree from Marywood University and has always demonstrated her natural ability with children. Ultimately, Jessica’s return to the area to work was a wonderful gift to Back Mountain Music Therapy and the Lackawanna… Read more »

Trust , Respect Resistance, but Persist towards Growth – Part 1

Essential considerations in good therapy, establishing trust first, respect the resistance yet continue to proceed towards growth. “Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.” A quote relevent for todays’ life altering enviornment. If we choose, change can be a wonderful, unknown possibility. This quote has remained forever with me,stated by a principal in a school I… Read more »

BMMT Collaborator Vlog, Part 3

This week we hear from Aidan Morad about his experiences at Back Mountain Music Therapy – The Heyward Rooms. Although Aidan completed his internship almost a year ago, his video is part of a team internship progject. After finishing his internship, Aidan went on to do some sub-contract work for Back Mountain Music Therapy. Aidan… Read more »

Veiws on Music Therapy, Bottom Up and Many Populations

In every scenario of music therapy, music therapists are working towards bettering our clients. Music therapy services a wide range of population including mental health, hospice, individuals with autism, trauma issues, traumatic brain injury, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In many cases, we (as a profession) are working from a bottom-up approach meaning… Read more »

BMMT Collaborator Vlog, Part 2

Let’s hear from her former partner in BMMT Music Therapy learning,  Madison. Madison had gained employment in a New Jersey School before leaving her internship. She promptly took her exam, and due to COVID 19, is waiting to start her employment. However Madison, again, wasted no time and has begun to add to her website… Read more »

BMMT Collaborator Vlog, Part 1

BMMT interns have worked together as their internships pleasently overlapped. Bridget and Madison worked with me and came up with the idea for this vlog highlighting the BMMT team’s  thoughts and experiences working with BMMT. This week, hear what Bridget has to say.