Behavioral Health

“All Behavior springs from a reason, and all behavior is communication,” Temple Grandin Phd.  I ran across this quote in the book Insights into Sensory Issues for Professionals by Kathleen Morris. I love this quote, not only for the autistic community,  but also for children in general.  Firstly, I  have found when an autistic child comes in clapping his hands and I put music to this we can do something with this .  One case in particular it became the starting point for not only communication but also verbalization.  The question then is , what purpose does this action or behavior serve for this individual? What need is it meeting?  What sensory issue is it attempting to satisfy?

I find this to be true also for typically developing (neurologically speaking)  children.  What is their behavior again attempting to satisfy?  That child who keeps interrupting, why, what need is it meeting?  If we can successfully answer this question then usually we can move on from this point.  These are the big clues the child gives us to help us with our work.  This is the child’s means of communicating to us what he/ she needs.

To the parent who disclosed that when his autistic son ran approximately 8 feet in front of him in a (safe) public warehouse, trying to engage his little brother to play, and was thrilled with this despite others looks: Bravo for your insights and devotion!

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