Parent Support Zoom Group…First Monday of the Month

This is a monthly support group for parents who have children teens, adult children with special needs of any kind. As the parents at the first meeting siad, “It takes a village.” Parents will be discussing issues like


No cost Diapers


Potty Training



Respite help


Communicating Needs

Safety /Safety locks/Dealing with First Responders

Hormones and teens


What Happens when Im not here

Although BMMT is hosting, these meetings will be parent led. Our next meeting will be Monday, July 5th at 7:00 pm on the zoom. We will try the first Monday of the month. If you did not make the first meeting, no problem. Come when you can. There are no commitments. You can also go to Back Mountain Music to click on the zoom link. If you would like a reminder email sent to you, message your email to Back Mountain Music Therapy’s facebook page or website. There is no commitemts. Just a reminder email and text.

You can also go to any front page on the BMMT website for the link:

Click the link to send us your Email address to have the zoom link sent to you monthly

Parent Support Social Event: Let’s Bowl!

Click on the calendar for upcoming events and dates!

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