This week I thought I would keep the writings short and give a little visual commentary. I think when it comes to the communicative abilities of music, as Victor Wooten said, “In some instances, music works better than the spoken word because it doesn’t need to be understood to be effective.”

This last week I had the wonderful experience of playing for an anniversary mass. The church was filled with people, all of whom sang, even those who only knew a few others present. I have never, ever played with so many voices in my life. To ice the cake, I also played the mass with a violinist whose playing just must have ignited everyone’s heart to sing. Never having played together before, we tossed melody and harmonies back and forth moment by moment. Having spoken later, after the mass, I had found out we shared many of the same thoughts about the communicative abilities of music.  To play and experience music with so many people at once – from the well trained violin performer to the mass of people in the pews, impromptu, was exhilarating!

The next day, I met TJ, a brand new client. TJ, being a bit shy at first, came in and did not do much or say much for quite some time. But when we got the music started, even though there was just one other person in the small room, who simply enjoys music with his whole being – the experience was much the same. We all connected through the music, united in our differences. I guess the ability that counts most is the ability to let go, listen, and play or sing, not just with your head, but your whole self!


(A little addendum about the video, a big thanks to my son’s long time friend Joseph. Having computer problems, despite my husbands and sons’ warnings “Don’t do it Joseph, once you start, she will skype you at college to find out how to skype,” Joseph still assisted me with the video and fixed my trumpet. (another promising young engineering student) Thanks a bunch Joseph!

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