Beyond the Diagnosis, Beyond the Shoes

I had to send this out today. As I was finishing sending my last newsletter out, my daughter was in the room talking to me about school. She read to me this essay she wrote . She chose a subject she enjoys and it seemed to link to my last newsletter very well. (She had no knowledge of what I was writing about.)


” A symbol that I can relate to is a pair of shoes. A pair of shoes are placed on a pair of feet and walk through ice, hot sand, soft grass, and rocky gravel just as one’s life has difficult places and hardships and easy-going, warm, hospitable places. I am still young and I haven’t had many hardships , but even studying for a hard test or loosing a pet, you go through these things always with a sturdy pair of shoes. A pair of shoes leaves their own, individual mark on the world just as I, an individual do.”

Monica Morrison

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