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This week I was thrilled to hear from Sarah Paulson, who notified me that Back Mountain Music Therapy would be featured in PhDinSpecialEducation.com. I was excited about the exposure of my business, but also grateful to be classified along with other businesses associated with the well-being of those in need of special education.

It seems to me that quite often a child is given a label and the first lines of treatment include medication and/or a behavioral program to help those with special needs. People with special needs are just that: individuals with special needs, differing somewhat from what we typically see. Special needs individuals are individuals, not labeled specimens. It is wonderfully human to not only recognize the “out of the box”, theĀ  “special”, the “creative”, help, aid, activities, therapies, education, and relationships that these individuals need, crave, require and deserve. Often the “special” part is what we receive when our recognition and willingness to relate allows an openness to embrace individuals who do not always function within the typical norm.

I am honored to have my service listed with other services creatively designed to share, relate, and seek wholeness as a means of normalization. If you are one of those eager and willing or looking to make the life better of a special person with a special need in your life, but not sure how, take a look at this list of avenues to begin.

Antoinette Morrison, MT-BC



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