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Music Therapy Treatment

Little Kid with Music Notes

1) Assessment:  Music Therapists administer functional assessments of a client’s strengths and needs in areas of physical ability, cognitive ability, communicative skills, and social/emotional health.  Assessments may include record review or interviews with parents, teachers and other treatment specialists working with the client.

2) Goal and objective setting:  Based upon the assessment,  goals pertaining to clients greatest needs and their step-wise objectives are developed utilizing the client’s greatest strengths and demonstrated responses to the music to improve their greatest need, whether it be physical, communicative, cognitive, or social/emotional functional development.

3) Treatment:  Music based relating is then used to address the established goals and objectives.  Possible ways of musical relating may include playing instruments (example: beating a drum in order to not only jointly relate musically but possibly also improve crossing mid-line) , singing (example: vocalizing, in response to the music to work on initiation steps of speech, sing selected song words at end of phrases to begin using one word phrases, adjust quality of vocalization to match mood of music in order to increase attention to joint activity or develop control etc.), or moving to music  (example: jumping, moving to the rhythm to participate in motor planning activity in order to initiate vocalization) improvisation,(example: tolerate playing with peers or others, to begin  entrance into the child’s consciousness). This musical way of relating will then transfer to therapeutic applications in non-musical, functional and emotional development.

4) Evaluation:  Consistent evaluation is an ongoing process involving data collection, documentation, research, and re-evaluation of goals, objectives, and development status. Clients may be involved in individual or group therapy (or advance from one to the next).  After obtaining permission from care-taker, appropriate officials, or agencies, I prefer to consult, investigate, or work in conjunction with other members of a client’s interdisciplinary team in order to support a range of development and give a clearer picture of how a client functions outside the Music Therapy studio.


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