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Phone: (570) 574-1707

Mail/Address: 27 Fallbrook Ave, Dallas, Pa 18612

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  2. Carol Lorioux Loup

    May I have the honor of hooking your site with my site? Give my site a look and check out the blog portion. I think you will find that we are similiar in philosophy. I’d like my parents to have the advantage of your wisdom and experience. I’m over on the west coast and it would be fun to have an east U.S. connection.

    • Antoinette Post author

      Thank you so much Carol! I took a look at your site, I think that would be wonderful! Technology is not my strong suit but if there is anything you need let me know! I think I could learn a lot from your site!

  3. Brent Evans

    My daughter is a senior in High School and is taking a very serious look at Music Therapy for a career. She begins college next fall. I’m open to any suggestions from the group. thanks so much, Brent

  4. Dylan Thomas

    I am a junior at Dallas High School, and I’m looking into going to college for music therapy and would like to learn more about it!

    • Antoinette Post author

      If you would like to have an more in-dpth conversation about Music Therapy, you can contact Marywood University, or call me at 570-574-1707 and I would be very willing to answer any questions you may have.

  5. Dylan Thomas

    I am a senior in Dallas High School, and I am interested in going to college for music therapy. I am wondering if there was any possibility I could sit in on a typical music therapist’s day. I would love to ask a couple questions and see the career in person.

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