Do you have a loved one or student with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, Language or Communication Delay, or other types of Developmental Disabilities?

Learn about Music Therapy in Dallas, PA.

Antoinette Morrison, MT-BC


For individuals with autism, sensory processing disorders, language and communication delay, and other developmental disabilities, Music Therapy provides a form of expression and an avenue to develop essential skills that traditional learning may not provide. Music therapy is an effective tool used by many children, adolescents, and adults to strengthen communication skills, listening skills, motor skills, psychological and emotional processing, and more. Antoinette Morrison, a certified Music Therapist in Dallas, Pennsylvania, and owner of Back Mountain Music Therapy, uses music therapy to develop and strengthen these skills in children and young adults.

Parents and teachers can enroll their children in sessions or recommend Music Therapy through Back Mountain Music Therapy. Each therapy program is tailored for each student’s needs and goals, which are developed by the certified music therapist to guide each session. Music Therapy services may be focused on organizing and recognizing sensory inputs, controlling and expressing physical or emotional responses, developing listening skills, working cooperatively, reinforcing active learning, and more. By providing students with an alternative avenue for expression, emotional response, and learning, Music Therapy creates an outlet for positive expression in which the student can make connections that traditional therapy or other learning types have made difficult.

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