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    The Shocking Truth About Crying: Autism and “Out of the Cave,” Moments

    The shocking truth about crying is that sometimes it is a spring board towards growth. Upon bringing a non-verbal  child to his father at the conclusion of his session, the father asked me “What happened, why is he crying?” Unfortunately, when children are non-verbal we don’t always know they are crying. However, as I have said in previous blogs, all behavior communicates something. At the very least, crying communicates some sort of discomfort. Sometimes in therapy this is not always a bad thing. Crying may actually be the beginning of some kind of growth. I usually compare this to being trapped in a dark cave for a long time and…

  • Good News

    Trust , Respect Resistance, but Persist towards Growth – Part 1

    Essential considerations in good therapy, establishing trust first, respect the resistance yet continue to proceed towards growth. “Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.” A quote relevent for todays’ life altering enviornment. If we choose, change can be a wonderful, unknown possibility. This quote has remained forever with me,stated by a principal in a school I once worked. The quote is quite relevent to our practice. In the Back Mountain Music Therapy Clinic, this is the path we take. What does this mean? How does this look? Why does this affect clients? Trust first. Back Mountain Music Therapy has not been shy about our bottom up approach in our work. When…

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